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Toshi Shopping Bag

The Toshi shopping bag is a great bag to use for groceries, department store shopping trips, sporting events, park days, you name it!  This bag can hold your purchases from your favorite department store or boutique with style and flair.

As with many of our other cloth shopping bags, the Toshi has a small fabric storage bag to stash her away when not in use.  She also has a nice large pocket and key fob inside to help keep track of your phone and keys.

Approx. Dimensions:
16.5″ wide
14″ tall
with a 4″ deep gusseted side

The storage bag is available with a zipper, ribbons, a button or no closure – your choice!  If you want a reversible storage bag, please let us know.  Reversible bags are not available with a zipper.

The storage bag has a clip on it so that you can hook it around the handle of your Toshi bag to keep your keys or wallet handy, or to keep your Toshi bag accessible wherever you go. 

Just pack your Toshi away in the pouch and toss it in your car or everyday bag so it’s always there when you need it.  The storage bag fabric coordinates to the main fabric so it never looks out of place.

Many of our Toshi bags are made from limited supply fabrics, making most of them one or two of a kind, so if you see one that you love, you’d better get it before someone else does!

Toshi starts at $35.
Price varies depending on fabric and pocket options.

This is one of our reusable shopping bag styles. For more styles, visit our shopper totes category

To see what bags are currently available for purchase, visit the Taterberry Cottage Etsy Shop.

If you would like to customize a bag, send an email to and we can work out the details and pricing.

Below are examples of past Toshi Shopping Bags

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