Marguerite Purse - a small purse or handbag to carry your essentials in fun or elegant fabrics.
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Marguerite Purse

Marguerite is a smaller bag with rounded corners and a shoulder strap.  It has a fold-over flap that can be fitted with a magnetic snap closure or cover a zipper.

This is a smaller bag that works well for day or evening, but don’t let her petite size fool you!  She can easily hold a camera, wallet and cell phone alongside your favorite lipstick…

Marguerite is available in either 1 or 2 outer fabrics, depending on your preference. The flap can be made in a coordinating fabric as an accent, or keep the outside all the same.

Approx. Dimensions:
10″ wide
6½” tall 

The shoulder strap of this handbag is sized to just tuck under your arm for added security when walking around town, or you can hang it from your wrist.  Because this handbag is smaller, you can also toss it into a larger tote, grocery bag or gym bag, thereby keeping your essentials together, but not taking up essential space for everything else!

As with all of our custom handbags, you choose the fabric and the design of your bag.

  • Want a zippered pocket inside?  It’s standard. 
  • Want a zipper on top?  Not a problem! 
  • Would you rather have a button closure?  We can do that too! 

Tell me what you want in your perfect bag, and I can create it for you.

I have carried a Marguerite as my daily purse for several years now, and I love the size! Big enough to hold the essentials, but small enough to not feel like I’m packing around a ton of stuff, and she sits comfortably on my shoulder. The one I’ve been using for 15 years is worn out, and I’m working on a new one for me – just as soon as I find the perfect fabric! In the meantime, I’ve been carrying a Michaela, which is very similar in size, but has a distinctly different look. Check out the Michaela here.

This is one of our purse styles. For more styles, visit our Purses & Handbags category.

Currently available bags can be purchased in our Etsy Shop.

If you would like a bag customized for you, send an email to and we will discuss what you are looking for!

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