Notting Hill Shoppers Tote Bag - reusable shopping bag
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Notting Hill Shoppers Tote

The Notting Hill Shoppers Tote is a great size for grocery shopping. Measuring approx. 15″ x 5″ x 15″, it will hold 3 half gallon milk cartons comfortably!

With so many grocers moving away from even offering paper bags, a cloth grocery bag is a way for you to help out the environment when you go grocery shopping – and it’s cute too! If you are planning to do a big shopping trip, we recommend getting a few grocery bags – then you are sure to have enough room!

Made from cotton fabrics, it is lined in a coordinating fabric, and has coordinating straps.

This great tote is available with an inside pocket and/or a key clasp stitched in to help you keep track of your keys and wallet or phone while shopping.

This bag does NOT have interfacing or stiffeners inside, however you can order a stiff base for the bottom (removable for washing) for an additional $8. The base is cut to fit your bag.

This is one of our reusable shopping bag styles. For more styles, visit our shopping totes category

Below are some examples of Notting Hill Shoppers Tote Bags in a variety of fabrics (not all fabrics are currently available). Currently available bags can be purchased in our Etsy Shop.

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