Chieko Kids Tote Bag - reusable fabric tote bag for kids
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Chieko Kids Tote Bag

Our Chieko Kids Tote Bag is designed with little ones in mind!  This little tote is small enough that they can handle carrying it, but big enough to let them carry around what they need.

Chieko Kids Tote Bag - fabric tote bag for kids - Custom kids tote bag in green floral and stripes fabric.

    Sized at 8.5″ x12″ x 3″, this little tote is big enough to carry some books, a dolly, clothes for dance or gymnastics, or a variety of other goodies that your kids need.

    Since we realize that it’s not just girls who need to tote things around, Chieko is available in a variety of fabrics that are great for boys and girls. 

Chieko Kids Tote Bag - fabric tote bag for kids - custom design ed tote in blue with cars and fish.

 Approx. Dimensions:
 8.5″ wide
 12″ tall
 3″ wide

    This little kids tote bag comes with a pocket inside that is perfectly sized to hold a library card, Boys & Girls Club card, ID, etc, so they don’t lose track of them.

The strap length can vary from just a handle to a shoulder bag to a cross-body strap – whatever length you think will best fit your child!

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